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All patients applying to register with the practice must also provide evidence of entitlement to NHS treatment. Please ask at reception for details.

Where a prospective patient is entitled to receive NHS care, a GMS1 Form must be completed. You will also be asked to complete a short health questionnaire. Both these forms are available from reception. You are then required to book a registration medical appointment either by phoning in or by attending the practice. On the day of registration medical you will need to bring the above forms and an early morning urine sample.

If you wish to be registered at this practice please provide the following:

  • Complete and sign the purple application form
  • Complete the medical questionnaire and the patient profile
  • If registering a child provide a copy of the vaccinations page of the child’s Red Book
  • Copies of a UK passport or photo driving licence or valid NHS medical card

Additionally, if you are NOT a British citizen you must provide:

  • A copy of your valid national passport and evidence of your right to remain in the UK
  • Proof that you have been in the UK for 6 months or over (utility bill addressed to you and older than 6 months) or that you have the right to remain.
  • Proof of address (e.g. letter from Home Office addressed to you)
  • Proof of full time work or full time education

If you are an ASYLUM SEEKER you must provide:

  • An HC2 form
  • your identity card provided by the Home Office

When you have completed ALL of the above please make an appointment for a Registration Medical. If you bring the originals of the above documents we will make the photocopies.

If any of the above has not been done you will NOT be allowed to register and any treatment can only be given as a private paying patient.